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Nurse Practitioners

INPS is a continuing education company with over 24 years of experience in the medical profession, and over 10 years in Emergency NP and Family NP, with expertise in Education, Emergency and Urgent Care settings. INPS prides itself in providing interactive "hands on" experience. INPS is a Nationally approved continuing education course/workshop for Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Practitioner students and anyone who wants to improve their skills.
INPS goal is to help you increase your skills and learn techniques to provide better patient care and improve your marketability.

WHO IS Improving Nurse Practitioner Skills, LLC?

Improving Nurse Practitioner Skills, LLC was formed to fulfill the identified need of new and current Nurse Practitioners needing to improve their skills.  The difficulty in finding local training for suturing, minor office procedures, X-ray interpretation and joint injection was appreciated with multiple inquiries about the seminar. INPS take great pride in our small class size of no more that thirty students.  This ensures that each student receives an adequate amount of hands on experience for selected skills and leaving the conference feeling confident to perform their duties.



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Two-Day Workshops

When scheduled, our workshops are for two days, Friday and Saturday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Click the button below  to find out the dates and locations of our upcoming workshops.


"INPS two-day skills workshop was very informative. What I learned will help me do my job, as a Nurse Practitioner, more effectively"
Khadia Henry Nurse Practitioner Testimonial
Khadia Henry, ENP
Nurse Practitioner

INPS fulfills the identified need of new and current Nurse Practitioners needing to improve their skills.

You will leave the workshop confident in performing your duties.